Hi! I’m Candace, the founder of House of Paige. I am a Boston-based interior designer and organizer with a healthy love for all things functional, timeless and 100% fool proof. 

I am a firm believer that your home is your nest and you should love and nurture it like you would the soul. I believe that every room, wall, shelf or even closet should speak to who you are and how you can best live amongst that space. No wall is complete without an interesting piece of art found on a trip or a sentimental family photo and no closet is manageable without some level of organization that makes getting dressed everyday as easy as pie! I believe that designing a home or organizing a space should not feel like a chore. The outcome can be effortless, beautiful and affordable.

Here in this little sliver of the Internet, I hope you feel inspired and enlightened in learning how to create a beautiful space or home. Whether you’re just browsing or are looking for guidance, I hope you enjoy learning more about me, my style and how I can improve your home and life!