Bathroom Organization

Hi guys!

It feels like forever since I was last on here but it's only been a's crazy how much can happen in just seven days! I'm pretty pumped that the warmer weather is slowly making its debut and the snow is melting (WOOHOO)! Who's with me?!

I've been busy plugging away at some awesome client projects that I'm hoping to reveal to you in the next few weeks AND I've been working "behind the scenes", coming up with a new VIRTUAL service that I'm really pumped about launching. Stay tuned for that!

Okay, so in last week's post I chatted about how to design a clean and minimal bathroom and I mentioned that perhaps in the future I could reveal how I maintain organization within my itty bitty bathroom. So, yup, that's what we're talking about today!

As you know, it's just my hubby and I so we really don't have THAT much stuff but when you're allotted what most people would say a small amount of space, then storage can become a problem.

Let's chat about "stuff" for a minute here...

I have seen some crazy amounts of "stuff" while working with clients and it's truly incredible how much crap people hold onto and/or think they need. 

Who here collects beauty product samples? Yup I know, it's such an easy and natural thing to do. You visit a hotel or attend an event and think, "free samples! sure I'll take 'em!". Let me tell you something, please stop doing this. You don't need any of those samples. The only three instances where I would support having samples is:

  1. If you REGULARLY have guests and would like to supply them with products to use during their stay. And four times a year does not classify as regular. I'm talking if once a month your parents, siblings, or best friend comes to visit. You can politely inform them before their stay that they need not to pack shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, etc. that way they A. feel super loved and thought of and B. will make use of your otherwise unnecessary stash.
  2.  If you're testing out a new product and don't want to waste money on buying a non-refundable full size version. I do this every so often with beauty products. I actually LOVE that stores give you this option. Typically the sample will last a few uses which should be enough to sway you in one direction or the other. 
  3. If you travel often. This is the most common reason why people hold onto samples. Again, if you travel once or twice a year then I wouldn't suggest holding onto samples but if you travel pretty frequently then those samples will definitely come in handy!

So the point I'm trying to make is, there is absolutely no need to hold onto 4 different kinds of body lotion, toothpaste, hairspray, what ever the hell it is. If you feel bad throwing it away, drop it off at your local homeless shelter or Goodwill. They will take it with open arms!

And for those who like to always have a bulk supply because they truly believe in a zombie apocalypse happening, then hold onto the backups elsewhere. Don't try to cram 5 bottles of the same product in your teeny cabinet. Designate a spot in the basement or a hallway closet. When you're running low in the bathroom, then replenish from your backup supply. 

Alright, moving on! 

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have the Godmorgon/Odensvik style vanity from Ikea. I actually really like that it offers two pretty large drawers. I think it's easy to find and more importantly SEE what I'm looking for, and my products don't get jumbled about. 

This is the top drawer of the vanity - 

As you can see, we keep most of our daily products here. We use the medicine cabinet above our vanity to hold other daily products as well.

When you have drawers like we do, you MUST invest in some sort of bin/box organizers that way your drawer doesn't look like a black hole of crap. You can go as far as categorizing your stuff too - hair stuff in one organizer, men's shaving in another, etc. I even reused a cardboard box that I already had because it was a perfect size and it didn't require me to go to the store!

I also love my makeup organizer. It has so many great different compartments that house all of my makeup so nicely. I got mine at HomeGoods (they always have them!), but The Container Store has a slew of them!

And here you see the bottom drawer -

Onto the medicine cabinet which holds additional daily products!

Organizers work great in medicine cabinets too! Some of my favorite medicine cabinet friendly organizers are...

Linus Handled Cabinet Organizer

Linus Cabinet Organizer with Drawer

Bliss Acrylic Canisters, small or medium sizes would work best in most standard sized medicine cabinets!

Now, you might be looking at these photos and be thinking, "is this really all of their stuff?!". The answer is yes, what you see here is all of our daily essentials. Like I mentioned above, we don't hold onto a lot because we only hold onto what we truly need and love. We each use one type of body lotion, toothpaste, etc. and when we're out of something, we go buy it.

When you crowd a space with so much stuff it makes you feel overwhelmed. Often times, so much excess distracts the eye so badly that when you can't find what you're looking for, you feel the need to go buy that thing or 5 things (yikes!!) when in reality it's just buried within your existing collection of stuff.

We have one more sneaky space in the bathroom where I was able to carve out some storage for other stuff like medicines, bathroom cleaning supplies, first aid - really anything that we don't use daily but we need to have for when the time comes. 

Unfortunately this isn't a fully functional closet because we have tanks and piping taking up what would be a beautiful little linen closet, so we're only able to make use of the door. 

I purchased a cheap over-the-door shoe organizer from Target and it works perfectly for all of our miscellaneous bathroom stuff! I've categorized each pocket so things stay pretty tidy, but you could label the outside or purchase a clear version so that it's easier to determine what's in what pocket. 

Some other great recommendations that have proven to be insanely helpful for client's bathrooms are below...

Hair Accessory Holder - fits great in small or large sized drawers and is a great storage tool for deep drawers. 

Style Station Pro - fits great in drawers and again works well with deep drawers. 

Umbra Hide 'n' Sink Under Sink Caddy - love a good over-the-door organizer!

White Cabinet Sized Elfa Mesh Bath Storage - there are SO many variations of an under-the-sink organizer but I really like this one for hand/face towels and small to medium sized products. 

Sliding 2-Drawer Organizer - this one is better for taller sized bottles/products.

Alright, so now that you've seen every product that goes on my body, I hope you've found this post helpful! I also hope I have inspired you to say "no" to excess. It's unnecessary and truly feels like a weight has been lifted when you have more space for the things you love and need. 

Thanks for reading!