Oscars Best Dressed Inspired Spaces

Hello friendssss,

So who else watched the most talked about Oscars? I know, I know, it's like old news now but we're still talking about it sooooo get over it.

Please tell me you were like me and not only stayed up until midnight to watch THE. WHOLE. DAMN. THING. but also started watching the "Live From The Red Carpet" at about 5pm. Yup, because I had nothing better to do and I loved every second of it. 

Like many women, I absolutely love to watch the pre-show (sometimes more than the main event!) just so I can get the first possible glimpse of all the celebs decked out in ridiculously gorgeous gowns, tuxedos, jumpsuits (Meryl, you killed it with yours!), and million dollar jewels that cost more than many homes. #Problems. Sigh. 

I loved so many looks. So many women AND men looked incredible. I feel like everyone brought it that night. Some could have even show-stopped more than others but I'm sure dressing up for gazillions of events actually does get old. I mean Chrissy Teigen fell asleep for goodness sake! If I were a celeb, that would 1000% be me. I'm not even sure I'd make it to the after parties.

Nope, I definitely wouldn't. 

Okay so, onto the good stuff. I thought it would be fun to create mini inspiration boards for my top three best dressed looks - Brie Larson, Hailee Steinfeld and Jessica Biel. In other words, I took the styles of the dresses and created my version of what those dresses would look like if they were the jumping off point for a home or space within a home. Fun, right?!

Brie's was super sexy but classic and 100% dramatic (those ruffles! gahhhh!).

Hailee's look may be my favorite. I loved how the dress was ever so slightly sheer - again sexy but done in a tasteful way. I LOVED the colors, the pattern and the movement of the dress. It reminds me of a picture perfect fairytale land. A land that I want to live and frolic around in, whilst wearing that same dress...

And Jessica's look was also freakin' dope. I'm a MEGA gold lover so the coloring alone was enough for my jaw to drop to the ground. The styling was spot on as well - that Tiffany & Co. necklace (dying over that) and the hair were perfect compliments to the dress. #Goals

In my opinion these ladies f*cking nailed it.. I loved how each of them had their own distinct look.

Alright so I hope you enjoy my strange little board below. This is definitely the weirdest thing I've come up with, but girlfriend needs a creative break. Sorry. I hate to complain and I truly love what I do but sometimes I need a pause from talking about traditional design or organization-related subjects because I literally eat, sleep and breathe what I do that it can become slightly exhausting. Is it Friday yet?

K, let me know your thoughts and what your favorite looks were!!

Thanks for reading,

Candace : )