A Clean + Minimal Bathroom

I don't know about you guys, but there is something about a clean bathroom that makes me really, really happy. When I use the term clean, I'm referencing the design of the space. Of course I love when a bathroom is actually clean because who the hell likes a dirty bathroom, but in this instance I'm talking about the materials and colors used as well as the accessories that help bring the space to life. 

Before moving into our apartment, we were able to design the bathroom and kitchen as well as choose paint colors for the entire apartment. This was AWESOME and we are SO grateful for being able to do so.  The budget was not large but I feel as though our bathroom is a great representation of how to design a clean, timeless and functional bathroom. You all know that our apartment is roughly 640 square feet so that's a clear indicator that space is tight AF. Our bathroom is a shoebox, but it works for two people and oddly enough it's my favorite space in our apartment.

Here's why..

I love the color palette. 80% of it is white which to me is a dream because I feel like I'm in a luxurious spa-like bathroom...until I remember that my vanity is from Ikea (NOT knocking Ikea, but you know what I mean) and I don't even have a linen closet due to limited space! I'll get into where we store overflow beauty/bath products as well as our towels, at a later time. 

We used a 12"x24" floor tile which helps elongate the narrow shape of the bathroom.

On the shower walls we used a no-frills 3"x6" white subway tile which was laid out in a traditional offset pattern.

Guys, white subway tile is so inexpensive. It will never go out of style and it instantly makes a rather low-budget space appear polished and clean. I recommend it all the time to my clients who don't have large budgets, but need an update and want that "clean and bright" look.  Even grey subway tile is great! You can also add some interest with the grout color or the pattern in which the tile is laid out. A couple of my favorite uses of subway tile are below - 

Yummy herringbone pattern...literally makes me drool, I love it so much. 

Darker grout adds contrast and in this case, ties in nicely with the other black elements in the space. 

So going back to our vanity. It's the Godmorgon/Odensvik style from Ikea. Super affordable and honestly plenty of storage space for two people. We use organizers within the drawers to keep things neat and tidy. Maybe I'll reveal the insides of our vanity in another post! 

Above the vanity, we have your builder's basic medicine cabinet. Not my most favorite element but it was a requirement for the space and it's actually nice to have the added storage there. 

Underneath the vanity we have a long basket that I randomly found at HomeGoods before we moved in, where we keep our towels. It was a random purchase and I actually had no idea where I would use it until I got home and realized it fit perfectly underneath the vanity AND we needed somewhere to put towels! WIN WIN!

We have a seagrass basket for dirty towels/bed linens that helps add warmth and texture to the otherwise sterile space. This was another HomeGoods find, but Serena & Lily has a similar one..it actually might be their striped version!

Another way we are creative with space is by using a wire basket to hold extra TP right beside the toilet. Most people wouldn't keep this stuff out in the open but we literally had no other spot for TP so we made use of the otherwise dead space.

A decorative wall shelf above the toilet adds character, gives me a spot to put jars with beauty supplies and even display some greenery. : )

My last and final reasons as to why I love our bathroom are because of all the beautiful natural light it receives as well as the paint color we used. Vanilla Milkshake by Ben Moore is an amazing creamy white. Love, love, love it so much. I would paint an entire home in this color, that's how good it is. 

We also installed a top down/bottom up cellular shade so that we could really get the most out of the window in there. We always have the shade covering the bottom half of the window so that sun is constantly shining through the top half while still offering the privacy we need. 

For all of you who are looking to create a similar look on your own, I've put together an inspiration board with product links below!