Our Deck Makeover - Part 1

A few weeks ago I posted on Insta that I’ll be giving our deck a makeover and making it a little more inviting for this spring and summer. I’m really excited about this project because our deck is currently so insanely sad and might I add, DIRTY. We are idiots and didn’t invest in some furniture covers for our table and chairs so they’re absolutely disgusting. And since we had zero storage space up until wellllll after our outdoor furniture got covered in disgusting debris, I just said f it..we might as well keep it where it is because it’s already dirty and we’d still have to clean it even if we relocated it to our new offsite unit - (side note, we ended up getting an “off-site” storage unit down the street a few months ago). THANK GOD for extra space.

So I figured that today’s post would feature a “before” of the deck that includes some of my ideas for the new space AND photos of its current state.

Please beware that this entire deck, the table and chairs, will all be power washed several times. I can’t believe I’m showing you these horrid photos, but no makeover is complete without a few before shots so here goes...

This first shot is from me standing in the doorway from our kitchen to the deck.

This is taken from standing 

So yeah that’s our dirty, lifeless deck. 

Alright, so first step is to power wash the space. This might be the trickiest part because since we’re on the third floor, we obviously have neighbors below us so unless I want to be a complete asshole and selfishly power wash it when I'M ready, which I wouldn't because A. my second floor neighbors are my good friends and B. It would be such a dink move if I did this without informing them, I have to wait until it’s a good time for everyone. Which is completely okay! Besides, I want to wait another few weeks anyway as it’s definitely not going to be full blown spring ANY TIME SOON and only more dirt will accumulate.

While I wait until it’s a good time to clean it, I can definitely get started on sourcing my new pieces which include:

  1. Additional comfortable lounge-type seating.

  2. Side table(s) for additional seating, depending on space! I do not want to overcrowd the small deck, but I want it to be super functional. 

  3. Some sort of storage piece to house overflow kitchen-related items. This is one of my biggest problems because I really want to create more cabinet space in the kitchen for pantry items so that I’m not becoming even more of a regular at my grocery store.

  4. Accessories + plants to liven it the f up. It’s currently a complete snooze fest.

  5. Potential TV. This is on Pete’s wishlist so this item IS ALL HIM.

We'll definitely be removing all of the random items that are on there. As you can see we have a couple of gross dirty pots that I have never filled. Clearly I don't love them. If anyone wants them, they'll be curbside.

We also have a random cooler. Bye.

That weird side table that was once cute and is now covered in dirt. It also has the price tag still on it which clearly indicates that I wasn't 100% into it but never got around to returning it. That will be accompanying the pots on the curb. Have at it folks. 

I do love the metal drink bucket and it does come in handy for when we host all of 4-6 people because that's how many can comfortably fit out there. That will be getting a massive scrub down and we'll rework it into the new design plan. 

Table and chairs are obviously staying. Those guys are all from Ikea and they have served us well. No complaints there! The white chairs seem to be discontinued but Ikea has many other similar options here!

So my first thought is to reposition the table so that it's facing the other way - so one open end would be parallel to the kitchen door. I hope that makes sense! By doing this, it will allow a little more wiggle room for the other end of the deck which is where we plan to add that lounge-seating I was talking about. 

You'll see on the inspo board below that I included a couple of images with corner bench-type seating which is exactly what I'm thinking we'll do. 

I love the round coffee table but I'm not sure if I want to crowd the space with one so I'll likely not include one.

I'll definitely be bringing in some color and texture with plants, potted flowers and fun throw pillows. This is the story of my design life...for what ever I feel so strongly about keeping bigger pieces of furniture neutral and adding color in with the accents. The only time I make an exception to this rule is if I REALLY love a specific piece and know that its boldness will never bother me in years to come, like our indigo colored sofa. : )

I am totally digging the bistro string lights and think they're a fun touch. 

And lastly, I love that storage cabinet. Per the dimensions online, the size and scale seem to be great for the space. I also love that it would give us a surface to put food and/or drinks on if we're entertaining. 

What do you think? Love? Hate? Needs more color? I would love to hear suggestions and feedback!