Wall Shelving

Welp with the blizzard that we just got yesterday, it's safe to say that we're officially nowhere near Spring which is making me quite sad! We got a few teasers over the past few weeks and man, were those warmer days sooooooo good. One thing that I actually do love about all of this snow is that I'm forced to stay indoors and keep cozy in my sweats, so I guess it hasn't completely sucked. 

Once all of the snow clears and Spring decides to FINALLY show up (and stay!), I know so many of you guys will be itching to clear the clutter and maybe even redecorate some spaces within your homes. Aside from starting fresh on the first day of a new year, it's also great to start fresh when Spring rolls around! Personally, I love when I can finally open up my windows to let some fresh warmer air breeze through, remove any and all remnants of Winter and maybe even switch up my bedding or a wall hanging because well, it's nice to look at something new once in a while.

Speaking of wall hangings, who here likes some good old shelves? You know, the kinds that house things like books, decorative accessories, baskets that are filled with daily essentials, hell, even booze.

I do...a little too much.

This is the wall shelving in our kitchen. These guys are hung right above our (countertop) peninsula because we legit had nowhere else to store things like cookbooks, booze, and our rose gold shark corkscrew. Sadly that shark sucks as a corkscrew, but he's 100% cute and he's welcome to live on that shelf for as long as he wants.

These shelves and brackets are from IKEA and let me tell you something, IKEA has proven to have the best wall shelves and brackets in my book. The price point is laughable because they're so inexpensive and you can totally mix + match their shelves with their brackets. Unfortunately I can't find the exact shelf that we used here shown in this photo, but here is something similar

Wall shelves are also the answer to all of your small living room storage solutions. We flanked our TV with open wall shelving and it's truly amazing what it's done for the room. We (or rather, I) have adorned our living room shelves with a lot of decorative accessories but they've also proven to be an excellent way to house more useful things, like books.  

These brackets are the white version of the kitchen brackets, only spray painted gold. Easy peasy and a little custom - love that! The shelves are from Home Depot and I even had HD cut them (for free!) so that they were the right size for the little wall space that's on either side of our TV. 

Another solid spot to incorporate shelving is in the bathroom, particularly above the toilet. SO many clients ask me, "what do I do with this space?!" while pointing to the otherwise bare, boring and wide open space that lives above their toilet and every time I recommend filling it with shelving or art.

As you can see, I use this shelf (above our toilet) to hold decorative accessories. However, I have used it as more of a storage solution to hold glass canisters for cotton swabs and other bathroom beauty products, but right now it's just for pretty little things.

This was one of those HomeGoods finds that when stumbling upon it, I was actually unsure of where I'd use it but I knew I had to buy it because the price was great and I mean look at it, it's just adorable. The best part - I love that the gold brackets are actually attached to the shelf which made installing really easy.  

There are endless ways to incorporate shelving in one's home so I thought it'd be fun to include some of my favorite uses that I've seen floating around the internet. Check 'em out below!

Shelving in a workspace is super efficient and functional. These shelves are basically the rather boring track shelving you'd see at your hardware store, only the brackets appear to be spray painted gold and the shelves were probably stained so that they're a bit nicer looking. This would be so easy to do!

More IKEA shelving shown in this beautiful photo. If you click on the photo you'll be brought to the original source, where you'll learn that this system is the Algot Wall System. Love this example so much.

The shelving in the last two photos appear to be simple photo ledges. Photo ledges are different from traditional wall shelves in that their depth is only a few inches, typically at or under 4". They're great for framed photos or smaller sized things. Many retailers sell these guys too so they're a pretty easy to find product. I really like CB2's ledges as they come in different materials and colors. Ikea has a couple great options as well.

Do you use wall shelving in your home and if so, where do you like to purchase yours? What purpose(s) do you use your wall shelves for? I'd love to know! Feel free to drop a comment below!


Thanks for reading!