Favorite Neutral Paint Colors

Almost all of the spaces I design, begin with a neutral paint color. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE color and wallpaper but not everybody else does. In fact, some people have a hard time committing to color or patterns (on wallpaper) in general. So that's why I suggest starting with a clean and neutral wall color which creates a beautiful "clean" slate to bounce furnishings and décor off of. 

I also like to design spaces that start with neutral wall colors because it's a functional approach. Say, in the Spring and Summer months you like to decorate the sofa with different throw pillows than that of what you'd use in the Fall or Winter months then it is SO easy to swap out accent colors! Or maybe you constantly like to move things around whether it's furniture or decorative accessories on a shelf, well no problem! You don't have to worry about making sure the new things that are coming in work well with the wall color because really, anything will work with a neutral canvas.

So, I've rounded up my favorite tried and true neutral paint colors that really work well in any space. Check 'em out below!

Neutral Paint Colors.jpg

Vanilla Milkshake is the most lovely creamy white. I've used it in bathrooms but it could also be a great color for main areas!

Edgecomb Gray is a great gray with subtle brown/beige undertones. I'm wrapping up a family room in which we used it in and it looks amazing! Hoping to get that room photographed but until then here's a beautiful example of it...

Seapearl is another fab color. It's definitely light but it has enough pigment to it that it doesn't look drab. I personally love it up against white kitchen cabinets. 

Balboa Mist is by far my favorite greige. I have recommended this color to family members, friends and clients and it truly has NEVER failed. Everyone loves it. I especially love it in a light-filled room as the light bounces off of it so beautifully. Here's a beautiful example that I found on Pinterest..

Gray Owl is a solid true gray. In some light it can come off a little green but for the most part, it's pretty fantastic. Just like Edgecomb Gray, I used Gray Owl in a recent living room redesign and I'm hoping to get the space photographed! For now, here's an awesome example...

Lastly, Himalayan Trek. This color is the darkest of all these neutrals but it is a show stopper. It has more brown undertones, but I think when used in a light-filled space like this family room (below) that I designed, the color appears pretty bright. 

One piece of advice is that I STRONGLY encourage you to test out samples of the paint colors you're interested. Test the color(s) out in several different areas within the space that it might live. The light will hit it differently depending on the time of day and the room's makeup aka are there are a lot of windows? Very little natural light? What types of lighting do you use to light the room? This step is so important and should really never be overlooked! What you see on a paint chip or online could 100% appear differently in your space. 

I hope you enjoyed my roundup and found my suggestions helpful! I would love to hear what your favorite neutral paint colors are. Feel free to drop them in a comment below!

Thanks for reading!