Our Deck Makeover - Update!

Guys, we're facing a dilemma with our deck makeover (you can read more about it here!) and I need your advice!! HELP!

Initially we really liked IKEA's Arholma sofa w/ footstool. We saw it in person, tested it out and honestly NO COMPLAINTS. It's great. It would fit really nicely in our small space and everything. 

THEN the Target catalog for Spring/Summer came out and everything, I'm talking everything looked so darn cute. And this sofa was all like, "hi, your deck would make for the sweetest little home. BUY ME NOW!" 

I like how the Target sofa is different than that of your traditional deck/patio seating. It has a somewhat slimmer profile and really, what's not to love about this cutie?! AND, the price tag is a wee bit less than the IKEA sofa. Not that the price plays a huge factor, but it'd be nice to put some of the money that I thought we'd spend on the sofa towards other things like plants, the IKEA cabinet that we're definitely getting, and everything else that I've been eyeing! Read more on our shopping list here

I know, this is so not earth shattering but I need your help. I need to hear your thoughts! Which one would you go with?! 

Please help! TIA!

Candace : )