Living Room Makeover

Oh hi there! Anyone else struggling from the long MDW? Also, I'm starting to feel just a bit concerned that it's becoming more normal to see a cloud-filled sky without even the slightest hint of blue peeking through. Ugh, anyone else?

Anywaysss, more important things to chat about so let's dive right into today's post because well, I can't effing wait to reveal this before and after. 

There was sooo much transformation with this living room. I really am still blown away with the improvement, not to mention the budget was not large. Let's start with some befores, shall we?

Ohh the red walls. Ugh, I am just not a fan of red walls for so many reasons. I feel like there are so few spaces that include red walls that are BEAUTIFUL. It's a strong AF color and it can easily be done in a way that doesn't work very well.

So you guessed it, the red went BUH-BYE. Thankfully my clients were incredible and they were open to any and all changes within this space. They disliked just about everything except for the sofa which was only a couple of years old and was the one thing they wanted to reuse in the new design plan...totally fine with me! 

As you can see there was no real direction with this space. The space also lacked a color palette so in addition to establishing a style/direction, a cohesive color palette was MUCH needed. My clients described their style as traditional and somewhat craftsman. They didn't love a lot of frills or super modern shapes, but knew that they wanted it to have some charm and more importantly for the space to be polished.

They were extremely eager to have a collected look. As you can see, there are a lot of "random" things in this room and that was one thing that they wanted to improve on. 

There were a few things that were on my client's wishlist in which I agreed with all of them ENTIRELY and let me tell you something, I love when that happens. : )

  • new furniture layout - they were set on mounting the TV above the mantel so that was straight music to my ears. 
  • new paint.
  • with the exception of the sofa, open to all new furnishings. 
  • new lighting - THIS WAS HUGE and it made a WORLD of a difference. 

We made all of the changes on the above list and WOWZAS, were those changes just what the doctor ordered. 

This first "after" photo is basically the same shot as the first "before" photo all the way at the top of the hopefully this helps you understand the new furniture layout okay! 

As you can see we swapped out the existing red and yellow-beige walls for a new soft gray, Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. Now, obviously the "after" photos were taken in daylight and the "befores" were taken at night but we did add recessed lighting throughout this room because at night it was just so damn dark. The new dimmable recessed is perfect for nighttime. We removed the original wall sconces because they were just kind of random and not necessary once we decided that the recessed and the floor/table lamps were the right direction for us.

That fab arc lamp is a great light source and looks really sweet at night. When we installed the space, we finished in the evening so we just oooo'ed and aaaaah'ed at how darling the arc lamp looked...for about 15 minutes. Yup, it was a moment. 

Repositioning the sofa and removing the existing black media center was such a great move. The new layout opens the space up and feels so much more inviting. 

Disclaimer - a lot of the new furnishings are from Target so don't be alarmed! Hah! 

New side chairs and curtain panels are from Target as well. The panels are great and even though they're solid in color, the texture (in person) is just the right amount of added warmth to the space. The existing wood blinds pop off the blue curtains quite nicely which makes it look like we put way more thought into the windows than we really did, if I'm being honest!

We repurposed the trunks that were originally being used as the coffee table and I love how they look as a side table. They add that "craftsman" vibe that we were going for. 

Love, love, love this Minted art that we kinda splurged on. The copper frame is soooooo good in person and I mean, how adorable is the Stockholm cityscape?!

The addition of the custom built-in adds some character and space for decorative accents. We also had to disguise the ugly cable box so we just decorated around that. We added a new gas insert for the fireplace as well!

And lastly, we added this sweet little entryway situation right near the front door, basically right where the sofa used to live (see photo below). 

Back to the new situation because it's honestly the sweetest little spot in this new and improved room...

Cabinet was a HomeGoods find and the lamp, tray and round mirror are all from Target. The other accents are thrift store finds with the exception of the books because well I'd die if I saw a Kinfolk book at Goodwill. 

Having this entryway "station" is great for so many reasons. First reason being it just feels like adults live there. I know, that sounds so weird in a way but it's true people! Had we not incorporated this collection of items then that spot would have been bare because nothing else would have made sense. We didn't need more seating and sure we could have just put a piece of art on that wall but it would have felt too blah and perhaps too much art in the small space. 

The cabinet also acts as a designated entryway spot - meaning when you enter and exit the home, you can utilize the mirror to make sure you don't have food in your teeth (hah!), the interior of the cabinet acts as extra storage and the surface is utilized for an additional light source to live on, some decorative accents to add life and a spot for mail, keys or sunglasses to live. 

Seeeeeeee! Good, right?

And that's a wrap! What do you think? I am so pleased with the finished product. We put the bulk of the budget into the new lighting, custom built-in and paint so we didn't have much money left for furnishings but that was completely okay! Thankfully Target and HomeGoods had some great affordable pieces for us. : )

Thanks so reading and feel free to drop your feedback and/or questions below!