Inspiration For My New Home Office

As if beefing up our deck wasn't enough of a project, we've or more like I've decided that I need to revamp my office. And I need to revamp it like yesterday. Hah, yup I'm so over it as of late. 

Currently, my office is also our guest bedroom which is great because who doesn't love a dual functioning room? We have a Murphy bed and a wardrobe cabinet that's built off the side of the bed unit. We've grown to love the Murphy bed because we can keep the bed up against the wall when we don't have guests and I can have a good amount of space for working. And then when guests stay over, we pop the bed down! It's really great, BUT we honestly don't have many guests so it's kind of a waste of 1/3 of a rather small room! If you learn anything from living in 640 square feet it's that space IS PRECIOUS AF.

Once we started talking about removing the bed and wardrobe cabinet, it became more and more clear that the room would be so much better off. I could utilize the room much better in terms of desk layout and function which I think would help with motivation - something that is CRUCIAL when you work out of your home. Hello, distractions!

So our first plan of attack is to remove the Murphy bed and the attached wardrobe cabinet. Once those two pieces are removed, we'll paint the walls to brighten it up a bit. 

It's currently painted "Dark Harbor" by Ben Moore and while I loooooove the deep, moody green color, I just need a change. Like I mentioned, the room is small and I'm feeling as though the dark wall color is just closing it in and making it feel like a cave. 

The room also does not get a lot of good natural light, which honestly sucks big time. Our apartment as a whole doesn't get great natural light and it's really the one complaint that I have about our home. Our bedroom and the bathroom receive all the natural light in the world and then every other room is pretty dark. Major, major bummer. I guess there could be worse problems though?

Now, since the office/guest room doesn't receive a lot of natural light, I can't paint it white because there's not enough natural light to bounce off the walls and do really beautiful things. So in other words, if I painted the walls white then the space would feel flat and somewhat sterile. We don't want that.

While I don't want to have a flat-looking space, I might take a risk and paint it the same color that's in my living room/kitchen because homegirl already has almost a gallon of that color leftover from when we moved in. Even though it's definitely not true white, it's still pretty light so I'm interested to see how it'll come out. Moral of my annoying rant, I need to stick with at least a medium toned neutral color because of the shitty natural light debacle. You can read more about my favorite neutral paint colors here. There are good ones there, I promise. ; )

So I thought today I would share some inspiration photos that I've found as I've wasted hours of my life sitting on Pinterest

Love, love, love the hanging rod. Since we'll remove the wardrobe cabinet (that's attached to the bed), I'll need to think about how I'm going to store the little bit of clothing that I have tucked into that cabinet. I don't have a lot of hanging in there, so I just need a small amount of new hanging space and then some shelves or drawers that I could put folded things in, which isn't a lot. 

I do NOT want to put a big dresser in here. I guess I could, but I really don't want to. So I'm thinking about something similar to what's shown here..

We all know I have a slight obsession with wall-mounted shelving so adding more to store clothing on wouldn't be a bad idea. Since the clothing that would live on the shelves consists of undergarments, pajamas and t-shirt/tanks I would utilize storage baskets to house everything. 

I also need some hooks for hanging necklaces and random hoodies or items that might be worn a second time. 

via Style At Home

via Style At Home

Since I have a growing collection of styling accessories that I use for shoots, I'm thinking a picture ledge might be a good way to display all of them. The collection consists of mostly small to medium sized objects, books, vases so I think a ledge with a 4-5" depth would work okay. 

I really love the natural, bright and minimal look in these...

Writing this post makes me want to just snap my fingers and have my new office space complete! EEEEK, I'm so excited to transform this space! 

I'm not entirely sure how I'll lay everything out but I'm thinking once we remove the Murphy bed and the wardrobe cabinet then I'll have a clearer vision for the new layout. I'll be sure to document the process here and on Insta so definitely follow along!


Thanks for reading!