Our Deck Makeover - Progress!

Hey all! How's it going? Can we talk about the fact that I think we're finally living in summer here in New England! Words don't describe how happy this makes me...really! 

Over the weekend, the hubby and I FINALLY carved out some time to clean off the deck. We borrowed our neighbor's power washer and went to freakin' town. It's like a whole new space now that it's clean and clear of the items we no longer want. I am one happy girl! I've been enjoying my morning coffee and even breaky out there almost everyday since we cleaned it and it has been so amazing to have another living space to easily access and enjoy. : )

A couple progress shots..

As you can see we moved the table to face the other way and it's working MUCH better!

In case you missed or forgot where we started you can read all about that here. We also ordered the sofa and ummm, it's NEITHER the Target one nor the Ikea one!

Want to know what it is?! Can you even stand the suspense?!

I'm sure you could really care less or maybe you do care because you're reading this blog. ; )

So, after some reevaluating, reading and re-reading reviews and of course more sourcing, we settled on this pretty sweeeeeet sofa from Wayfair. I am ecstatic about our choice. And want to hear something kinda wacky? We ordered this bad boy on Saturday evening and it already arrived last night. Cray, right? Love quick shipping!

The HUGE box is currently sitting in our foyer but we're hoping to assemble it tonight or tomorrow night. Let's all pray to God we still love it once we get is assembled and in place. You know, because sometimes ordering things online aren't exactly the same in person. Let's hope that isn't the case on this one! 

And now that we have the sofa, I was able to have a clearer vision for other things. I'm definitely still going to get this storage cabinet and we actually already got the string lights AND hung them up! 

I spotted this ADORABLE pink pot and have decided it'd be nice to have a comfortable coffee table/bench to kick our feet up on while lounging on the new sofa, and I'm really diggin' this one from Ikea.  I'm definitely going to bring some color and pattern in with a couple throw pillows for the sofa. I haven't seen anything online that's really jumped out at me but I'm planning to make a trip to HomeGoods soon. I'm hoping to use the pink pot as a jumping off point because well, that pink color is incredible. I'm thinkin' some light pinks, greens from some plants and then gray? Still a little TBD but I know that I'm really into that pink color. 

I'll be sure to show you guys the full reveal soon!! 

Thanks for reading. : )