Our Deck Makeover - Final Reveal!

Oh hey there friends! It's been a couple of weeks since I last posted...sorry, I let life get in the way. Shame on me, I know. 

But guys, guess what? We have completed the deck and man oh man have I spent more time out there than I ever thought possible. I wake up and enjoy my coffee and even breaky out there. In the evening, we eat al fresco and during the day in between all of the day's to-dos I park my bum out there! 

It's been wildly good. And I really can't wait to show you what we did, so here we go...

In case you missed where we started, you can read all about that here. As you know, we already had the white dining table and chairs so the "dining" section was taken care of - phew!

We simply rotated the table and chairs so that they were facing the other way and the result was instantly better. Did I mention we power washed the entire space before adding the new furniture? Hah, that step was INCREDIBLY satisfying. Let me tell you that if you're one of those crazy people that gets a strange amount of joy from wiping up a spill or vacuuming, then you really have to get your hands on a power washer. If you didn't already figure it out, I'm a complete psycho for cleanliness and am one of those freaks who gets so much satisfaction out of wiping down my countertops 800 times each day. It's something I may need to work on...or not. ; )

Next, we removed all of the weird random crap that was scattered about. Another solid dose of satisfaction. 

Now onto the good stuff...

*This post contains affiliate links.

We knew we wanted a comfy sofa or rather loveseat because space is a little tight. I was going back and forth between this Target one and this Ikea one and ended up settling on an amazing Wayfair find. I really loved that Target one but to be honest a couple of the reviews freaked me out and I was nervous about the size. However, Target did have some amazing outdoor finds, from décor to furniture AND they're currently running a deal where you can save up to 30% OFF ALL HOME goodies so I'd strongly suggest checking out their site!

Back to my sofa because for my deck and space, it's 100% perfection. I truly can't express how happy I am that I found this devilish little lady. 

The sofa fits perfectly in the space....I am SO happy I didn't go any larger or even smaller. I was able to fit a small stool to act as a side table that I already had, on one end of the sofa. Once the sofa came in and we assembled it, it was smooth sailing for the rest of the furnishings. 

I had already planned on this storage cabinet and these string lights and then I stumbled on this coffee table as I was browsing the internet with one eye open, way past my bedtime one night. Side note - we used three sets of the string lights and simply installed them so that they ran the full perimeter of the deck. And our deck is around 10'x12'.

As you can see I styled the top of the cabinet with a tall vase from Crate & Barrel that I got on super clearance last summer. Hah! Yup, I've been holding onto it ever since. Oh and Crate & Barrel is having MEGA outdoor sales right now too! Up to 30% off outdoor rugs, up to 50% off summer clearance AND up to 50% off outdoor furniture!! Guys, if there's ever a time to swipe that credit card, IT'S NOW. 

I used some other items that I already had lying around, like that little white basket that I picked up at HomeGoods one day (currently holding some cute little cocktail napkins), and a light pink pitcher that I got as a bridal shower gift last summer. : )

And then of course when I went to purchase the storage cabinet and coffee table, I had to get this incredible pink pot and this simple black one. Oh and I scored some sweet throw pillows too! The light pink one adds another touch of pink that I just adore and then the black and white and plain off-white linen one are both great neutrals. I had never really bought pillows from Ikea but I will definitely be suggesting their pillows to clients who don't have large budgets. Even the pillow inserts are great. I personally stick with the duck feather filling because they look and feel way more plush. They'll also hold up better than the cushions that are made up of polyester filling.

I went to the flower market in hopes of finding something that could do well in a spot that doesn't receive a lot of direct sunlight, something that was a little different and of course low maintenance because I mean who has the time really? And I ended up scooping up some lavender! I would have never thought of using the lavender but I'm pretty pumped about it and it smells glorious! 

See! I told you she was so stinkin' cute! Never did I think a $6 pot would make me so incredibly happy...or maybe it's not that surprising since I'm a sucker for a steal and mega cuteness. 

Lastly, I had to make a trip to HomeGoods for some cute, inexpensive accessories and I'm glad I did because I scored a macrame wall hanging, an adorable rose gold candle holder (in image above) and this stunner of an accent rug. The colors are amazing and add just enough pop to the otherwise neutral space. I love it so much!

And there you have it...our deck is complete and I'm looking forward to spending many days and evenings out there!

Thanks for reading!