A Pulled Together + Affordable Bedroom Makeover

My client reached out me just a few weeks before she was moving out of her current apartment and into a brand new apartment. She was so eager to have a pulled together, adult-like bedroom but on a little bit of a budget. She had a collection of random furnishings in her existing bedroom and wanted a complete fresh start! Without having a super defined direction or interest in any particular new look, she was set on two very important things - first was that at the very least the new look would NOT consist of a mish-mosh of furniture and the second was that the new look would be cozy and almost like a small retreat for her to escape to when she wanted some privacy. I thought both were extremely achievable. ; )

Between her busy work schedule and an eagerness to move quickly, we started the process by having our initial consult at the new apartment, before she had even moved in. It was a great opportunity to take proper measurements without anything in the way and see the space as a complete blank slate. 


Don't mind the tape measures! We were getting a glimpse at what the size of the bed would look like. Laying out the actual size of bigger pieces of the furniture is a definite must. It will give you the best idea possible of how much space something will actually take up! And especially in a smaller space, this step should not be skipped.

 As you can see the room is on the smaller side so we really couldn't have a huge shopping list. We also had to be mindful of the size of each piece of furniture that was going to be living in the space. Obviously her (queen size) bed was a given. We decided to make use of the higher ceilings and go vertical with a tall dresser versus a horizontal one. 

She wanted a small TV, and my immediate thought was to mount it on the wall so that it's up off the floor. We then could mount a small wall shelf underneath so that the cable box could rest on it nicely. 

We then decided that dressing up the windows with curtains would offer a nice touch and create a sense of coziness all while keeping the overall look minimal and fresh.

So let's jump on in to the afters, shall we?! 


Again, the room is rather tight so the bed and the dresser are the only two pieces of furniture in the space. Thankfully she has a good size closet for the majority of her wardrobe!

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My client already had a traditional metal bed frame like this one and her queen mattress. We used this Wayfair headboard in the color, Oyster. It really helps to anchor the bed without adding a heaviness to the space. While I love beds that include a footboard and/or sides, sometimes budgets and spaces don't allow for all of that. So instances like this where we were trying to be frugal with space and the budget, a stand alone headboard made the most sense! 


A LOT of the items we used are from Target and I'm so happy with all of them. All of the bedding is Target and guys, it's goooooood. We used these sheets in the blue color, this duvet and this quilt in the Aqua color. The adorable lumbar pillow is from Urban Outfitters, another awesome retailer we used quite a bit of. 

And the curtains are these guys from none other than TARGET! Hah!


I think my favorite part of the entire space is this little vignette right here. I love that my client trusted me (thank you!!) with my idea to use a small wall shelf and sconce as her nightstand and bedside lighting. Space was so tight that I'm not positive using an actual nightstand would have even been possible so that's why I especially love this idea. It's such a space saver but serves function to hold a cell phone, glass of water and maybe some fresh flowers because well flowers make everything better. : ) The sconce in the bronze color and wall shelf in white are both from Urban Outfitters


The dresser is Ikea's famous HEMNES style and I have to say, it's pretty great without any DIY'ing. The hardware color worked perfectly and helped tie in the small pops of black (both in the wall shelf/nightstand and the curtain rods) that we used throughout. 

I styled the top with a HomeGoods lamp, some books and an art print that I snagged from Jenny's Print Shop which happens to be my new favorite shop for art print downloads. I encourage you guys to check her site out. She has A LOT of fun prints and some great tips on printing. 


We used a small 32" TV with a wall shelf underneath. The shelf and brackets is this combo from Ikea. Guys, I cannot stress how much I love Ikea's wall shelves and brackets.


And the last little corner was right at the entry of the room. We used another print from Jenny's Print Shop (print is no longer available!), framed in an Ikea frame and then this jewelry + mirror combo rack.

And that's it guys! What do you think? Feel free to drop your comments below. : )

Thanks for reading!