HOP Loves

Hiya friends! How's everyone doing this week? All is pretty good over here. I can't believe it's already September!! Where does the time go people?! We'll be celebrating our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY in just under two weeks and man, oh man is that sh*t crazy or what?! Where did the past year go? 

Anyways, let's chat about the blog for a bit because that's the reason we're here. : ) I figured it might be fun to create this new series, HOP Loves. I'm planning on posting a HOP Loves post once per month and the content within each post will basically offer anything and everything that I love or have been loving - it could be an image I stumbled upon on Pinterest, a new recipe I've tried, a product I can't live without or even a tip that I swear by. 

The featured Loves will be no more than 10 within each post so I'm hoping these posts stay short and quick to read! I know sometimes I can ramble because I get a wee bit too excited about design and organization projects! woops!

So let's dive right in!

#1 Fellow interior designer and definitely someone whose work I absolutely adore and admire, Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook, redesigned Oh Happy Day's studio sitting area and my, is it 100% amazing and might I add quite happy! 

I especially love Jenny's balloon art that packs major punch and appears to be incredibly foolproof!

Oh and for those that have not heard of Jenny's somewhat new venture Jenny's Print Shop, well you're totally missing out. For $15 and under, you can purchase downloadable art! Yep, and all of the prints are pretty amazing. I used two prints, "no passing" and another print that unfortunately is no longer available, for the bedroom makeover that I featured on the blog last week

#2 Dr. Scholl's Malin Mule in Greige Tumbled has stole my heart and my feet. Hah!

Guys, these freakin' mules are EVERYTHING. Never did I think that Dr. Scholl's would make incredibly stylish shoes, but I have been sorely mistaken AND missing out! These mules are not only stylish but they're so incredibly comfortable. I am a huge fan of the heel height too as it's so manageable for all day and even all night wear. 

iheartorganizing_DIY spice jar labels.jpg

#3 iHeart Organizing does it again with her DIY Spice Jar Labels and I am lovin' em!

These guys are pretty self explanatory and I think you just need to go on and click through to Jen's full post. Guys, they're goooooood!

#4 This Simple German Potato Salad recipe over at Five Heart Home was absolutely delicious!

I don't know if I was living under a rock but I had NO idea there was such a thing as German style potato salad...that was until we went to Switzerland and I experienced my first Bavarian style meal. Let's just say I think I'm over traditional American style potato salad (I may have just made that term up by the way). I made this a couple weeks after we returned home from our trip to The Netherland and Switzerland and it brought me right back to when I first tried this delicious dish. 

I totally owe you guys a recap of our trip too! Maybe that will be next week's post!

#5 I love all sorts of spaces that I see online, but sometimes there are those images that literally stop me in my tracks and this one is one of them. 

Jamie Lynn Sigler's bedroom is such a dream. From the leather bed to the vertical shiplap walls to the pop of whimsy in the pattern on the area rug, I want it ALL. 

#6 Everyone could use this wall hanging with their small space hacks.

For just $17.99, this devil could come in handy in any entryway, bedroom, kitchen or even dorm room! I see if being used most for pictures and postcards/mail but I'm sure you could get creative with the storage possibilities here. 

*this post contains affiliate links.