5 Simple Budget Friendly Updates For Your Home

Did you know that there are a gazillion ways to give your home a quick and affordable refresh?

Nope, none of these examples require thousands or even hundreds of dollars and they certainly don't require DIYing because even though I love a good DIY, who really has the time?

Maybe someday I'll have my own DIY workstation in my garage where I craft the most beautiful Pinterest-worthy creations but let me tell you something, that time ain't now. I mean, the thought of just having my own parking spot is mind blowing. I guess that's when you know you've made it.

Until then, I'll just keep dreaming and saving "my" parking spot with my beach chair when a storm hits. 

Okay, moving on.

I've rounded up some pretty sweet, easy and affordable ways to update your home and lemme tell you something, these are so easy a kid could even do a couple of them. Ready for 'em?

#1 countertop canisters

Spend 10 minutes to sift through the junk on your kitchen counter and move all items to their actual homes. Need help creating a system? Go on and check out this post if you randomly have a tube of toothpaste in your kitchen,  this post if your kitchen is just an overall crapshow or this post if your home office is currently your kitchen island. 

Once you've sorted through everything, use decorative canisters to help store some daily essentials. A woven basket is also a nice addition to help corral some stuff that has to live within arms reach. 

#2 Add greenery

This is one that a child who is old enough to use scissors could do. Greenery can be found at grocery stores or flower markets but it can also be found right in your backyard! Before you go spending your hard earned dollars at the flower market, take a peek outside to see what's growing in your own yard! Trim those stems appropriately and scatter around your home! 

#3 Black + White Photos

I love me some pops of color but my rule of thumb for family photos around the home is, unless it's a professional photo with colors that play off the color palette of the space you're using the photo(s) within, always opt for black and white. Black and white is timeless and when several are framed and displayed together like this example above, it is ALL of the heart eyes!!! Go to your local drugstore, Wal-Mart, Target, or even Shutterfly and print some photos, then use inexpensive frames from places like Target, Ikea or Micheal's. So easy, so inexpensive, so freakin' beautiful. 

#4 Add function and architectural interest with wall decor

This is a good one guys, and I know so many of you have these awkward walls in your bathrooms or throughout your home where you don't want to add another piece of art or another framed photo, but you don't want to leave it blank. I'm not sure where this triangle wall shelf is from but I love that it's serving a functional purpose as well as acting as art. This could be used well on any old wall. I think it could even look just as adorable with nothing on it but a little bud vase with flowers or green! 

#5 Small Area Rugs Are Your new best friends

Runners and small area rugs should be used by everyone. They instantly add character, warmth, depth, and so much greatness to a space. Vintage ones are great and all but sometimes budgets don't allow and homegirl knows you can find some pretty ones at HomeGoods and Target.

That's it! Easy, right? 


Thanks for reading!