5 Free Ways To Refresh Your Home

With 2018 underway, I thought I'd share 5 ways that you can easily refresh your home. Some are quicker than others but these are great projects to do on a rainy day or even a weeknight where you might have a little extra energy! I love doing quick household projects like these because they relieve me from feeling like my home is chaotic, cluttered or even uninspiring. And since I am constantly carving out little chunks of time here and there throughout the year to devote to these otherwise non-glamorous tasks, when each new year does role around I already feel like I'm ahead of the game!

Let's dive in, shall we? 


1. Clean out your closet. 

I clean out my closet at least two times each year. Now, I realize this is NOT what most people do, but why not? Yes it takes time and thought but a newly cleaned out closet brings so much joy…trust me! Depending on how big or small your closet is, you’ll likely want to schedule this task out that way you’ve mentally prepared yourself. When I work alongside clients, the cleaning out portion of the closet organization process usually takes 1-2 hours. This may seem like a short amount of time to some of you, so here are some tips to make things a bit easier for you - 

  • Clean out by category - first tackle your tops, next your bottoms, and so on. This will help you stay focused and on track. Need a break somewhere in between? Set a goal for yourself - “when I finish all of my tops, I’ll take a 5 minute break and then dive into my bottoms.”
  • Pull it all out - maybe not everything at the same time because that will make things even more overwhelming. Use a clear surface like a made bed as your sorting station. This will help the sorting process run smooth. 
  • Have bags or boxes handy for donation, trash, consignment and even the tailor. Don’t be afraid to label the outside of each with a sharpie marker or tape a labeled piece of paper to the front of each so that you’re not getting confused later on. 
  • Once you’ve finished each category, put back into your closet so it’s out of the way of the categories that are not yet sorted through. 

2. Rearrange furniture. 

Looking for an instant change that's also free? Well, this is it! Make sure there's another adult around that could help but aside from that, dive right in! Don’t feel like you need to keep all of the items in the same room they’ve been living in either, move items from room to room if you want. There are no hard and fast rules on this so have fun with it!

HouseOfPaige_wall shelving.jpg

3. Restyle shelves and/or surfaces. 

This is similar to rearranging furniture except slightly better because you don’t need an extra set of hands. Again, have fun with this! Change is good and using objects in different ways and/or spaces is good for the mind. I absolutely love styling surfaces and I especially love using unique objects to do so. Have some pottery hidden away in your kitchen cabinets? Pull ‘em out, they might be the perfect addition to your newly styled mantel. 

HouseOfPaige_kitchen organization.jpg

4. Reorganize your Tupperware collection. 

This is always the number one spot in client’s kitchens that needs serious help. Lucky for me, this part of the kitchen reorganization process is one of my favorite spots. A couple rules here - ditch ANY AND ALL pieces of Tupperware that are missing their counterparts. Unless you’re cleaning out your entire kitchen (which I also highly recommend if you have the time), you’re likely never going to find the matching top or bottom. Nestle like shapes with like shapes so that things are neatly stacked. Use a bin, basket or even larger Tupperware bottom to contain all lids if you need to. Bonus tip - find one or two brands/types of Tupperware that you love and stick with them. This will help with storing your Tupperware because by doing this, each piece should nestle perfectly into the other. 

5. Drop off the donation pile that’s been building up. 

I am even a culprit of this sometimes, but I encourage you to make the time to do it. Sometimes I find that if I just put the donation bag(s) in my car then I’m more likely to get it done. For folks that have piles of donation bags or unwanted bigger items then I would recommend scheduling a free pick-up from Salvation Army. I’ve learned that they do not have great availability so allow a week or two for them to come. Hey, this might be a good way for you to purge more! By removing clutter and the items that are no longer going to live in your home, you’re allowing yourself to have a clearer vision for the newly edited space(s). This is also extremely helpful when you’re doing a full makeover in a room as it allows you to see the transformation happening and again gives you a clearer vision for how the new space is going to look and function. 

I hope you have found these tips helpful and plan to test at least one of them out - it will feel so good! Thanks for reading!