interior design + decorating

my goal

My goal is to help you create spaces that reflect your needs, desires and budget - spaces that aren't just about the latest trends. I take great pride in being able to work with my clients in a warm and honest way, besides, working with a designer is so much more than just transforming a space - it's also about listening, understanding and communicating.

Designing a space shouldn't be fussy. In fact improving your home should be an exciting time and not an overwhelming process where all you see are dollar signs for lackluster results. That’s where I come in.

I will be able to help you determine what your style is, where you should splurge and where you should save, what furniture and fabrics will work best for your busy and maybe even messy (insert kids!) family, where to hang artwork or what size window treatments should go on those tall windows,  and SO much more. We’ll also work together to determine a realistic budget for the work-scope and then get to transforming!

Our residential interior design service can be customized to your needs and your project’s work-scope. Whether you’re just looking for some guidance and only need a few hours of consulting or you’re looking for a full-service design experience, we are happy to help you. 

first steps

If you haven’t already done so, you will be asked to fill out the contact form found on our site. I’ll review your form and reach out to you via email to share some background information on our services, rates and next steps. I am always happy to hop on a quick phone call to get to know each other as well. From there we would start with our Initial Design Consultation. The fee for the consultation is $225.

This consultation can last up to two hours at your home. During the consultation we will tour your home and more specifically the spaces that are in need of professional assistance. We will discuss your ideas, budget, style and I will offer my advice and make suggestions on how we can improve your space. We can review any inspiration that you’ve collected (Pinterest boards, magazine clippings, etc.) as well as review any furniture and décor that you’d like to work into the edited space. I will make suggestions on furnishings, colors and much more based on how you’re hoping to transform the space(s).

Following the consultation I will put together a detailed proposal for you that outlines the overall work-scope and suggests a range of hours I would estimate the space(s) to complete -  starting with measurements and concept creation and ending with installation of the space, and all of the fine details in between.

my process

If you're a do-it-yourselfer...

So you feel like you can tackle your project on your own? No problem! Perhaps the Initial Design Consultation is all you need to get you on the right track! And if you’re looking for some guidance along the way, we are happy to work with you on a consulting basis and would charge our hourly rate of $100. 

This could work well for you if you enjoy doing a lot of the legwork like sourcing for ideas, shopping for furnishings and coordinating with vendors. 

A few instances where this style of hiring a professional could work well for are - 

To help you choose a paint color, establish the overall look and feel of a space so that you can do all of the executing afterward or help you determine what size sofa you should put in a space.

If you'd rather take the full-service approach...

Following the Initial Design Consultation and your review of my proposal, we would begin the design process with measurements of the space and concept creation. You’ll send me any inspiration you’ve collected and I then put together a detailed PDF inspiration board which suggests the concept (overall look and feel) as well as floor plan drawings (as needed) that suggest both the furniture placement and furniture sizes for the space. For folks that are having a difficult time determining what they like and dislike (hey, some of us like A LOT of different styles! - like myself!), I would schedule my Style Consultation with you. I’ll present you with a number of different design styles and we’ll work through the materials to determine what you love and what you don’t love. I’ll also be able to help guide you on how we can tastefully mix styles. After the Style Consultation, I’ll be able to get started with the inspiration board and floor plan drawings (as needed).

You’ll receive both the inspiration board and floor plan drawings via email and we will plan a review meeting to go over both documents. The inspiration board is just to help us get initial ideas flowing and during the review meeting we will discuss your likes, dislikes and anything that needs to be changed. 

Once we’ve established the floor plan and concept, we dive right into sourcing, shopping and execution. This is when orders are placed and any cosmetic changes that need to be completed are done - painting, adding new lighting, wallpaper is installed, installing any custom work such a built-ins, etc. I will keep track of the budget and update it accordingly. And if it’s within the work-scope I will meet with any contractors or smooth out any hiccups as needed. This phase can take weeks to complete due to lead times on furniture, availability on contractors and the realistic duration of any cosmetic work that is to be completed.

The final phase is finishing touches! Finishing touches are my absolute favorite part of the design process. This is when we can review any accessories you have to see if they fit within the new design plan. Once I see what we have to work with, I plan a time to shop for additional accessories to fill any gaps or even start your collection!

Often times clients overlook this step and may not understand the impact that it makes to a space and that’s why I build this into my process and your budget from the get go. I believe it is absolutely crucial to layer in accessories and décor as it ultimately pulls a space together. It makes a house feel like home. I even love working with clients who may have collected family heirlooms or not so ordinary knick knacks but would love to use them in some way because there’s sentimental value behind it. And for folks that want very unique touches, I turn to thrift stores to help fulfill those needs.