Hi! I’m Candace, the founder, designer and organizer here at House of Paige. I am a proud wife, soon to be mama, a New England native and lover of all things functional, beautiful and 100% fool proof. 

Ever since I can remember I have always had an extreme interest in arranging and rearranging homes and spaces so that they functioned well and looked beautiful. It is something that has always come natural to me - to see a space and visualize how I could enhance it with either a few quick changes or a complete overhaul. 

I entered the interior design and home organization industries back in 2013 when I was brought on to run the creative services for a then startup. It was during my time in that role that I quickly learned my passion for designing and organizing.

And in March of 2016, House of Paige was born.


my Mission

I am so happy you’ve found my small sliver of the internet and I hope that you are looking for a home or space that is…

   functional, beautiful, balanced, approachable, simplistic but enriched in character.

Here at House of Paige, I am a firm believer in creating spaces that encompass those qualities. House of Paige represents relationships with clients that are honest and warm, and spaces that are beautifully livable. 

If you’re working with me, my goal is to create and deliver spaces that reflect who you are by turning your visions into reality. I aim to create spaces that you love once completed and many years later, spaces where you can both live and play. 

And if you’re here just browsing, I hope you feel inspired to create a beautifully functional home or space by learning more about me and how I’ve improved others’ homes and lives. 

I have been working with Candace for a few years now, she has assisted me in numerous household projects like preparing our home for sale - organizing closets, de-cluttering spaces, staging for photoshoots. She has been my extra set of hands in many cases, and made me feel a success each time.
She has common sense, she is practical, she is realistic, and she’s always creative.
Worth her weight in gold!
— Rebecca

some fun facts:

  • Wonder why House of Paige? My middle name is Paige and I love the name so much that I thought I'd like to hear and say it more often. ; )
  • I am incredibly decisive and only hold onto things that I love and value...and I think you should too!
  • While I love socializing, traveling and seeing new places, I am a complete homebody and love nothing more than a quiet night on my couch.
  • My husband and I live in 640 square feet and have no plans of moving when our little babe enters the world in August 2018. 
  • Favorite things include: safe and natural skincare + home products, thrift stores and flea markets, chocolate, candles, cooking, a clean home, traveling, the beach and fresh flowers...all of the fresh flowers.