Okay, so if you've been following along on my Instagram posts and stories you know that we've been transforming our guest room/my old office into the baby's room and though not complete, it is already a space I love. 

This room used to have a Murphy bed with wardrobe cabinet attached, have dark moody walls and be my workspace since I work from home. We kept it very tidy and organized, are you surprised? ; ) No but seriously, this was a really great use of space that served a number of functions - guest room, my office, my wardrobe space (clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.). 


I had been wanting to rip the Murphy bed and wardrobe cabinet out since before I got pregnant because of a couple reasons. 1. We didn't have that many frequent guests - maybe a handful each year. And while the Murphy bed is a great solution for smaller bedrooms that also need to act as other spaces, it was limiting the amount of ways I could setup my workspace. A little more background info - working from home can be soooooo great. Staying cozy in your pajamas, sometimes never having to leave the house on a given day, etc. is all great BUT working from home can also pose its challenges. It's hard to stay focused and it's SO important to have a workspace that's motivating, organized and inspiring which brings me to numero dos. 2. My workspace was organized for sure, but became the least motivating and inspiring space. With the wall color a dark green (which is honestly a lovely color but in a small space where you're trying to work out of, it's not the best selection!) and the limited options for how I could setup my desk, I was totally over the guest bedroom/office combo.

Did you know that positioning a desk to face outward into the room versus facing a wall can affect your mood, creativity and motivation? Crazy, but true. 

And then we found out we were expecting which lit the fire under our butts to transform the room. It didn't take much to realize that the now baby's room was no longer also going to be my office space. So, I came up with the idea of getting a smaller desk and to create a small workspace in the bay window in our master bedroom. I've been using the new setup for a few weeks now and it is a game changer. While it is a bit smaller of a workspace, it is 100% better and exactly what my old workspace was lacking. I feel motivated and inspired, and it feels SO good! I'm still working on finding a good desk chair but all in all, the new setup is much better. 

So we (more like Pete and I watched him) demo'd the Murphy bed and wardrobe cabinet and then got to painting the walls a lighter color which helped to open up the space. 


As of right now, the room is painted but is still a little bit of a catchall as I'm working through getting rid of some more stuff and figuring out where to put other things. 

I'll be sure to keep you guys updated with next steps and baby furniture selections! And if you missed my last post covering the nursery inspiration, you can read up on that here!


Thanks for reading! xo