Ikea Kallax Hack

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I have to admit, I'm not the most crafty person. If it involves paint, spray paint, some light sanding, stain or just replacing existing parts for new, prettier parts then I am all in! But I am definitely not about to go build a wall of built-ins. That may or may not be because we don't have a proper workspace like a garage, to prep materials though. So who knows maybe my crafting skills will beef up when we have the space to really build and get our hands dirty. We'll see! 

If you've been following along, you'll know that we're expecting our first baby this summer and what used to be my wardrobe space, home office and our guest room is now turning into baby's room. You can read all about that here in this post. So, now that I have to keep all of my clothes and belongings in our bedroom which should be the normal thing to do anyway, we had to make a few changes to our bedroom.

We carved out a small space in our bedroom for my workspace. Luckily we have the bay window and it really didn't serve any purpose prior to it being my workspace so that was GREAT. We went to Ikea and got the smallest desk known to mankind and called it a day.  


About a year ago, I bought that amazing danish teak chair at the local Goodwill for $5 and still haven't reupholstered it (on my list!!). It's been my desk chair for now until I find something a little more comfortable. 

So then here comes the fun part....we also got a Kallax shelf unit to house my folded clothes and some office-related stuff. Oh, that boring but pretty functional Kallax. I don't know about you guys but I have seen hundreds of Kallax hacks floating around Pinterest for years now and I never thought I'd ever need or want to buy one. But then after many a time staying up way past my bedtime looking up Kallax hacks, I loved seeing the ones that used the drawers and cabinet door components. This one and this one are both really good! It makes the entire piece look so much more polished and less like a big white cube system (yawn).

We already had the spot for the Kallax to live. Well, kinda. Here's what the spot looked like pre-Kallax. 


As you can see, it just held hubby's gym and work bags, our cable box, some throw pillows when our bed isn't made and then we kept dry cleaning bags underneath. Not the prettiest site when all of that crap is on it but it was fine and that's real life for ya! I figured out new spots for those items to live and we put the bench in storage!

So, I have this idea set in my mind - my folded clothing will live in the drawers and my office-related stuff will live behind the cabinet doors of the Kallax. But then I also need some legs to really take this baby to the next level. I loathe when storage pieces that don't have legs, sit on the floor. I think if there is anything you could do to enhance the look of a storage piece whether it's a dresser or a shelving unit like a Kallax, it would be to add some legs. It will help the piece feel so much more polished and grown up looking and less like a cheapo piece of furniture from Ikea. I'm by no means knockin' Ikea because I love their stuff but if there is a way to enhance it, I'm all in. 

We got the Kallax setup and into the room and it was definitely doing its job by storing all of my stuff but it was looking kinda ho-hum and college dorm room-y before the new legs. 

Don't mind the text on it! I pulled this image from my Instagram story because I realized I didn't have any others!

Okay, moving on. Enter Pretty Pegs. Man, this company knows what's up. It's like everything us Ikea lovers have been waiting for. They basically make really awesome legs and parts for Ikea furniture and lemme tell you, all of their designs are sooo good. I spent some time picking out some leg options and landed on the Arthur 135 style in the Teak finish. I ordered, they arrived in time and boom we installed. They were relatively easy to install and came with very clear instructions. Installing just required a screwdriver and about 10 minutes, that's how simple it was. 

While all of this was going on I thought, hey! why not spray paint those boring silver knobs? I typically love a nice brassy/gold finish but I have a lot of that going on in other spaces like our living room shelves and even our bathroom shelf so I opted against that finish. 

some of our living room shelving: 

HouseOfPaige_wall shelving.jpg

bathroom shelf: 

2017-03-09 15.51.45.jpg

I decided on a matte black and loooooooove how they came out. I used this Rustoleum spray paint and couldn't be happier with the finish. It was such an easy, fast and cheap way to improve the otherwise boring knobs. I think I spent more time waiting for the spray paint to completely dry than I did actually spraying...the spraying part took about 3 minutes. No lie. 

And there you have it! Isn't she so pretty now?! I didn't do anything too ground breaking but it's crazy what two simple enhancements can do! 


I LOVE the legs, like really love them but I think the black knobs help make it look so much better and less like any old Ikea piece.


I also love the top and how it gives me a surface to house our cable box, my printer (which I love and it's under $30!) and some prettier items like my jewelry dish and glass and brass Etsy tray.


That's it! What do you think? I'm already trying to plot my next furniture makeover so that I can use Pretty Pegs again! 


Thanks for reading! xo