Nursery Update + A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

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Okay, back to the good stuff...

We also had our 20-week ultrasound where we FOUND OUT WHAT WE'RE HAVING! Eeeeek, it was SO amazing to finally find out. If you haven't been following along, you can read about my initial thoughts on the nursery design here. You'll learn and see that I put together two different looks, one for a baby boy and one for a baby girl.

I honestly haven't been wanting one sex over the other. I've just been wanting and still want a  healthy baby. I think little boys and girls bring both kinds of joy, fun and love so really it did not matter to me AT ALL what we were having. However, I felt strongly about finding out because well, I'm quite the planner if you haven't already realized that. So without further ado, we're having a...


I still can't believe it. Hah! Now that we know, it makes this whole preggo journey more real and I feel as if I can connect more to our little babe which excites me so much more than I thought possible. 

So let's talk baby girl nursery design, shall we? 

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If you read my previous post you'll learn that I'm building the room off of a pretty neutral palette. With the crib, dresser and glider all variations of white/cream and then the bookcase a wood tone, I'm planning to layer in some fun pops of color and pattern in things like the area rug, curtains and decor.

Because the majority of the room is neutral, I'm feeling as though the area rug will really anchor the room's overall look. I 100% want it to be just the right pop of color and pattern which I can build off of with the curtains and other pops of color like maybe in the side table for the glider. We shall see.

Here are some area rugs that I've been eyeing.  

HouseofPaige_Nursery Rug Ideas.jpg

As you can see I'm interested in the Persian/"updated traditional" style. I want something that is definitely girly but I especially love the ones that include a mix of colors. The fourth image is a vintage Etsy find. I think it's the front runner for me! I love the idea of mixing some vintage/antique finds in with the other more modern pieces. It'll help give this room some soul and uniqueness that I'm definitely aiming for. 


Some tips to follow when purchasing an area rug -

  • Always measure. You'll definitely want to measure the room/space before you start shopping that way you have a measurement to refine your search by. I decided to go for an area rug size that would cover most of the room's footprint which will help the small space feel larger and not feel choppy. 
  • Consider material. A lot of people don't think about this and then they finally select a rug but come to learn that "it sheds", "isn't soft enough" or "is the cat's new scratching pad". I always try to use wool when I can because it's durable, is a natural material and will last forever. Wool is definitely not cheap but you get what you pay for if the price is more like a giveaway. 
  • Don't be afraid to order swatches. This is something not enough people do! I always order swatches when I can for my own personal projects and client projects. Sometimes, vendors don't provide swatches but most times they do. It's worth the extra step, I promise you. This allows you to see and feel the rug that you're considering. This is also great when wanting to see your rug options up against the other furnishings in the space. I hear way too often, "it didn't look like this online" and to be honest it's usually not going to look like the online listing so be flexible if ordering a swatch isn't an option. You can also read through the reviews to see if other buyers have provided a picture...I do this ALL THE TIME. And if you can't find any good pictures in the reviews, then expect to possibly return the rug if it arrives and is not like what was pictured online. This is part of the online shopping experience. If and when you can, see if the rug is available in a store near you. Again, you'll want to see if they can give you a swatch to bring home to see in your space because lighting can hit things differently in stores than they will at your home, but seeing it in store can greatly help you along your rug shopping journey. 

So what do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading,

Candace XO  


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