Wall Art Ideas For a Kids' Room

As I start to furnish and decorate our first little babe's room, I've got kid-friendly wall art on the brain. Art can be a tough one to nail down. It can be so personal and often times hard to pinpoint what you like or want in a space. You can read all about my tips for selecting art here, but today I want to strictly chat about wall art ideas for a kid's room - nursery, toddler's room, little boy/girl's room, playroom, play nook - what ever kid-related space you're looking to dress the walls of, I have some basic guidelines and tips that will hopefully make the art selecting process easier! Oh and I have some of my current favorites below!! 

First things first, determine how you want the space to feel and consider the room's overall vibe or "theme". Like this "pink and white" nursery  - I would consider this room to be very girly, pink and happy!

PSA I dislike the themed space idea and will always suggest clients/you to consider the vibe or "feel" of the room before a theme - theme just seems weird and cheesey. Yup, I said it. 

Okay back to business...

Once you've established the look you're going for, determine what you want to spend. Yes, this is a real question you should ask yourself. Do you want to invest in some killer original art that will stick around forever or do you want to go for a more budget-friendly approach like inexpensive art prints? There's no right or wrong route to take but it's important to establish what you're interested in investing. 

Next up is to consider non-traditional art, ya know like things that aren't necessarily framed. I find that this type of art adds such dimension and feel good vibes to a space, especially a kids' space!

And lastly, art doesn't have to scream "kids live and play here". It can be something that could also work in a non-kiddo space, like a family room or library...you know, because who doesn't wish they had a library?! 

And here's a roundup (WITH LINKS to shop!) of my current favorite kid-friendly art ideas - enjoy!

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House of Paige_Kid Friendly Wall Art.jpg

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