5 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home For Spring + Summer

The warmer weather and sunshine are finally here and I could not be more ecstatic. If you live in New England or anywhere else where you experience the change of seasons, you quickly realize how amazing the warmth and sunshine feel after a long, cold and snowy winter. 

You can finally open the windows, eat al fresco in your yard or if you're like me on your small city deck, and hopefully swap out your winter home décor for pieces that are more suitable for spring and summer.

Yes, I'm talking seasonal decorating. I know, I know it sounds so bougie in a way but let's face it, décor swaps can be the simplest AND most affordable way to edit our homes so that we love them year round. So today I'm rounding up 5 of my favorite ways to easily update your home for spring and summer. 

Let's jump on in...

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1. swap out heavier throw pillows + blankets 

Throw pillows and blankets are quite honestly the easiest way to update a living space or bedroom as they can pack major décor punch when it comes to playing with color, pattern and texture. Swap out the heavier knit and velvety materials for lighter weight renditions.

This is why I like to keep the bigger pieces of furniture like sofas and chairs, neutral and transitional - it allows for easier decorating. 

House of Paige_home_decor_swaps.jpg

2. Update your doormat

If you have the space outside your front door, try layering a doormat like this one on top of a 3'x5' indoor/outdoor rug like this one...I especially like the light blue color! This will help bring some personality and curb appeal to the exterior and by layering, you're creating a much more collected look. 


3. introduce new scents

If you're like me and obsessed with yummy smelling candles then this may not be that earth shattering of a tip, but I love introducing some new candles once spring rolls around. I put away the balsam, fig and vanilla scents and opt for scents that remind me of fresh flowers and the beach! I love this blue volcano scent and I'm sure this citronella sea salt scented candle would be perfect for any outdoor space!


4. artwork 

Artwork can be a personal preference in terms of what one likes and dislikes, but if you have wall shelves, built-ins or even just surfaces like a console table or a sideboard then introducing smaller pieces of artwork that suggest spring and summer vibes is a great way to add some new personality to your space. SIZING TIP: for built-ins, wall shelves and surfaces stick with smaller sized pieces like 5"x7" or 8"x10". Depending on how much space you have on shelves/built-ins, I likely would not exceed an 8"x10" frame.

Here are some of my favorites right now...

House of Paige_home_decor_swaps_art.jpg

1. // 2. // 3. // 4.


5. flowers, plants + greenery

By far the quickest thing you can do to update your home décor for spring! I love picking up fresh flowers while I'm at the grocery store and in a pinch with time. I also love visiting local shops like Niche for plants!


That's it! I'd love to hear any home decor changes you like to make for the spring and summer! Feel free to drop 'em below in the comments. : )


Thanks for reading, 

Candace XO

cover image via Serena & Lily