5 Organization Products I Swear By

First, has anyone else checked out the prime deals on Amazon today?! Wowzas, I am definitely stockin' up on some baby-related items that we'll be needing SO SOON! Things have been a little cray over here. Good, but cray. I've been busy with some really sweet client projects, both organizing and interiors, and I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy which has definitely thrown things for a loop. Over the weekend we completed a loooooonnnnggg infant care class at the hospital we're delivering at and I guess it's becoming more and more clear that yup, we'll be parents very soon! It's always hard for me to believe anything is actually happening until well, it's happening or has just happened - be it a trip, our wedding, you name it, I keep a pretty even keeled emotion at all times. So yeah, even though it is 1000% clear that I have a human growing inside me on all levels, I still can't really believe it. HAH! 

In just about 6 short weeks, we'll be welcoming our little girl into this world. We still have a good amount to do in the nursery so that's another project on my plate, but thankfully I've thoroughly enjoyed getting that space setup. You can read all about where we started with that room here as it used to be our guest room/my office. Things that still need to get done include hanging curtains and wall decor as well as washing, putting away and organizing all baby clothes. I definitely plan on documenting both the finishing touches and organizing that's left both here on the blog and over on Insta, so please be on standby for those posts in the coming weeks.

Speaking of organizing, I thought I'd roundup 5 of my favorite organization products that NEVER disappoint. Whether you're organizing a linen closet, a wardrobe closet or the interiors of your kitchen cabinets and drawers, these products should definitely be considered!

The use of organizational product is just as crucial as purging and space planning (moving contents around so the overall space functions better). So please, consider any and/or all of these products when working on your home organization projects. Let's dive in, shall we?


5 organization products I swear by_house of paige 1.jpg

1. drawer dividers

These little guys are so helpful and can be used to divide the contents of a drawer so that everything stays  neat and tidy. They come in clear and bamboo finishes over at The Container Store!

my favorite uses: kitchen drawers for cooking utensils or towels and pot holders (shown above) and dresser drawers to separate file folded clothing. Also, for those that aren't sure what file folding looks like, the towels shown in the organized photo above are filed folded. Pretty great, right?  


5 organization products I swear by_house of paige 5.jpg

2. Clear Storage Boxes

I honestly don't know what I'd do without these storage boxes. I love these guys so much because The Container Store makes them in 10 different sizes making them SO DAMN VERSATILE, they're inexpensive and have lids. NO BRAINER.

my favorite uses: wardrobe pieces (shoes, clothes, accessories), in any old closet on any old shelf containing any category ranging from extra paper goods to first aid items to off-season items.


5 organization products I swear by_house of paige 2.jpg

3. Clip-On Label Holders

Nothing should ever be stored away in a bin or box without having a label on the outside. PERIOD. For plastic bins like the clear storage boxes above, I typically just use a printed label from my label maker but these clip-on label holders are great for baskets! Oh and you better believe the contents of those baskets are file folded too! ; )


IMG_8110 2.jpg
5 organization products I swear by_house of paige 4.jpg

4. Velvet hangers

If you're looking to edit your closet on a tight budget but really want that "wow, this closet has transformed!" look, then swap out wire or plastic hangers for velvet hangers. I would also definitely stick to one color for a cohesive look - these velvet hangers can be bought in a number of different colors but I always lean towards beige or black for a neutral approach.

Why use velvet hangers you might ask? They create more space in your closet because they're slimmer than plastic or wood hangers, your clothes will NEVER fall off the hanger and onto your closet floor again, and they make any old closet look instantly better. 

You can also buy clips for pants, shorts, skirts or strapless items! Hell, yeah. 🙌🏻


5 organization products I swear by_house of paige 3.jpg

5. Shelf Risers

This is one of those products that until actually implemented you might not realize the extreme dose of helpfulness it offers. Using these risers allows you to make use of vertical height which can do wonders when living in a smaller space. The Container Store sells them in chrome and white finishes depending on your style needs too! I've used these ones from Ikea too!

my favorite uses: mostly in kitchen cabinets to create more functional storage for plates, cups or mugs but I also use these in our hallway closet to store smaller storage bins under and on top of, that way when we're in need of those bins, it's MUCH easier to pull them out and put 'em away! 


I hope you've found this roundup helpful and again, I strongly encourage you to utilize any or all of these products because they will truly improve your home...I promise!


Thanks for reading!

Candace XO

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