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5 Organization Products I Swear By

5  Organization Products I Swear By

First, has anyone else checked out the prime deals on Amazon today?! Wowzas, I am definitely stockin' up on some baby-related items that we'll be needing SO SOON! Things have been a little cray over here. Good, but cray. I've been busy with some really sweet client projects, both organizing and interiors, and I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy which has definitely thrown things for a loop. Over the weekend we completed a loooooonnnnggg infant care class at the hospital we're delivering at and I guess it's becoming more and more clear that yup, we'll be parents very soon! It's always hard for me to believe anything is actually happening until well, it's happening or has just happened - be it a trip, our wedding, you name it, I keep a pretty even keeled emotion at all times. So yeah, even though it is 1000% clear that I have a human growing inside me on all levels, I still can't really believe it. HAH!