This is a great service for clients who already have a pretty clear idea on what they want to do or what materials/elements they'd like to use in the new design plan, but need some professional support to either confirm they're heading in the right direction or receive better solutions to their uncertain ideas. 

The Designer On Call service would begin with my Design Consultation that way we have a great canvas to start with. Since no client nor their needs are the same, we would discuss the format of how my Designer On Call service would be best utilized for you and your needs. Within this service you would purchase a 10-hour block of time in which you can utilize my assistance.  


10-hour Designer On Call package: $1600

need some help understanding how my designer on call service might be the right fit for you?

here are some examples where this service could be helpful...

  • A more in depth approach when selecting finish materials for a kitchen or bath to receive clarity and guidance on what goes well with what. 

  • A more in depth approach to establishing the best furniture layout for a room as well as determining what size furnishings would be appropriate for your space. 

  • If you already have some furniture and are just looking to add a few new pieces but are unsure of how to pair what you have with new pieces - color, pattern, texture and style all play major roles. 

  • Establishing what to do with bare wall space. 

  • Styling shelving or any other surfaces. 

  • Paint selections.