hop faqs

where do you shop?

For interior design clients, I shop both retail and to the trade. To the trade vendors can only be accessed through an interior designer.

For organization clients, The Container Store is my number one vendor but I am also happy to shop at stores like Target, Walmart and even Amazon.com. 

How long does it take to complete a design or decorating project?

It depends on the work-scope but for spaces that are being furnished, I like to allow anywhere from 2-4 months. Most often, furnishings can require lengthy lead times (for example, 8-12 weeks is standard for a sofa) and more importantly creating the design plan requires time. I work closely with my clients to establish their style, likes and dislikes as well as nailing down their needs so that when I'm creating the design plan, I have a very clear understanding of what they’re looking for. For spaces that require any structural changes or renovations, depending on the work-scope of the project(s), the duration could take anywhere from 3-8 months at the very least.

how would you define your design style + are you able to work within styles that may not match up perfectly with yours?

I define my style in a number of adjectives - bright, airy (although I don’t hate a nice moody wall color!), balanced, functional and 100% livable. I lean more towards a modern aesthetic, but I always like finding that balance between modern and classic. And I almost always design using a mix of high and low priced items. I can absolutely work within many different styles and actually love working with clients who may be a mix of a few because that’s how I classify myself. For folks that may strongly lean towards one style over another, depending on what that style is, I may refer the client to another designer who is more suitable for those client’s needs in terms of style preference. Don’t get me wrong, I love designing spaces but it is extremely crucial that my clients feel as though I am the perfect fit for them and vice versa. Folks might not realize it, but when working with a designer you’re creating a close relationship with one another. Both parties should feel great about it! If you’re unsure if our design styles would be a good fit then I urge you to visit my gallery where you can see some of my work.

Do you provide estimates?

Absolutely! I start my client screening process with a complimentary 15-minute discovery call where we can introduce ourselves and I can learn about your needs. From there, if you are interested in my design services, I start with my Design Consultation. During this consultation you will tell me all about your ideas, needs, style and budget. I will offer professional advice and suggestions. Following the consult, I will be able to put together a proposal based on how you would like to move forward, whether that is as a Full Service project or utilizing my Designer on Call packages. And for organization projects, I offer a 45-minute complimentary consultation for folks located within 10 miles of my location in South Boston. During the consultation we’ll review the space(s) that is in need of assistance, discuss your needs and any preliminary ideas you may have. Following the 45-minute consult, I will provide you with a range of hours in which the project(s) will require for me to complete. If you’re not located within 10 miles of my address then I would ask for photos of the space(s) that need organization assistance and a brief background on what your dilemma is. We then hop on a complimentary 15-minute phone call to discuss how your organization project(s) can be tackled best. 

I love when clients are interested in both services! When a client is in interested in working together, we would complete a 15-minute complimentary discovery call to get to know each other and for me to understand what your needs are. From there I am able to put together a custom plan for next steps. If it's a single space, say your family room for example where you're looking to organize and redesign then we would tackle the organization first and then complete the design work. 

What if I'm interested in both services?

Yes, I charge $25/hour for clients that are located 25 miles and beyond from my location in South Boston. I am also happy to travel to locations that may require plane or train transportation so for locations that require either of the two, travel time fees will be worked out on a case by case basis. 

do you charge for travel time + how far will you travel?

Yes, I do have Trades and vendors that I have established relationships with and love to refer out. However, I am happy to work with one of your contacts. With that said, it is important for you as the client to note that when I work with my preferred vendors things are likely to run smoother than they would if I were working with a vendor that I'm unfamiliar with. People have different styles of working and communicating and it's important for everyone, client included, to be on the same page with expectations and timelines. 

What if my project requires any Trades like a contractor, painter, or handyman - do you have your own contacts?

I work with many young, growing families and would definitely say that they are my largest market. I also work with many busy professionals - couples and singles! However, I am happy to work with whomever is interested in my services.  : )

who is a typical client for you?

Absolutely! There is so much more potential in rentals than what people think! I’ve worked in rentals where the landlords have allowed us to paint walls, kitchen cabinets, window panes and even swap out light fixtures! And organizing a smaller space is also 100% achievable as it's all about selecting furniture that is appropriately suited for the size of your space and your realistic needs. Just because you might live in a small apartment, doesn't mean you have to throw out everything you own. There are ways to arrange furniture, use smaller sized furniture and even transferrable organization products that can all make a world of a difference. 

What if I don't own my home, can you still help me in a rental?

Have no fear, I have a number of ways that you can receive professional support on a tight budget. Thankfully, my Organization services are available to any budget and if you just want a few hours of my assistance, we can make that happen! And for clients who are looking for design help, my Design Consultation and Designer On Call packages are great ways to receive valuable support on a smaller scale. I'll be able to help you figure out what the best service offering is for you once we complete your 15-minute complimentary discovery call.  

What if my budget is very small?

There are many different factors that come into play when coming up with a budget for a design project. First things first, you have to ask yourself what cosmetic changes, if any, are you looking to make? Are you looking to tear down walls or gut a kitchen or bath? I can't speak for the cost of structural changes but I can help guide you on the cost of furnishings and finish materials. Below are budget breakdowns that suggest the cost for furnishings for low, mid and high priced furnishings. Please note these are all estimated costs and certainly different factors can play into the price of an item - fabric choice, material finish, size, functionality and of course retailer/vendor can all determine how much something costs. Another important thing to note is that rooms vary in size which can play into how many furnishings belong in a space. 

I have worked with clients whose budgets have run the gamut and I take pride in being able to provide designs that include a mix of high, low and even middle of the road priced furnishings. So much can be done and I am happy to work within what ever your budget may be but it is important for me to help you understand the difference between reality and impossible. Part of my job as your designer is to help you figure out how to allocate your furnishings budget best - splurge on some items and save on others. 

What is a realistic budget for a design project?