My Full Service offering allows you to sit back and let me do all of the work. We start the process with a clear assessment and direction on what your style is. From there, I put together the overall concept for the space(s) as well as a preliminary layout. We then meet to review the concept and layout that I've put together. During that meeting we discuss any and all changes that are to be made as well as clarify anything that needs further explanation. 

Once we’ve established both the final floor plan and concept, we dive right into sourcing, shopping and execution. This is when orders are placed and any cosmetic changes that need to be completed are done - painting, new lighting such as recessed, wallpaper is installed, installing any custom work such a built-ins, etc. I will keep track of the budget and update it accordingly. And if it’s within the work-scope I will meet with any contractors or smooth out any hiccups as needed. This phase can take weeks to complete due to lead times on furniture, availability on contractors and the realistic duration of any cosmetic work that is to be completed.

The final phase is finishing touches! Finishing touches are my absolute favorite part of the design process. This is when we can review any accessories you have to see if they fit within the new design plan. Once I see what we have to work with, I plan a time to shop for additional accessories to fill any gaps or even start your collection! I then come over for the final install which is when we should either be receiving furniture or we have already received everything and we're just fine tuning the placement of everything. Art and any wall hangings are also installed on this day.  


Fee:  $125/hour // a $3,000 minimum.

Estimates are available following the Design Consultation. 



Candace is truly something special with her chic design taste and ability to execute it on a budget. I purchased my condo two years ago and struggled to make the right design choices for my living room. I was in love with anything Candace posted on her Instagram page, so I finally reached out to her to setup a consultation and it was the best decision I had made in a while. She was able to work with some of my existing pieces as well as recommend new ones that fit my style and her vision for the space. I never thought I could have a functional, yet stylish living room, but with Candace’s expertise I do and my house finally feels like a home. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Candace for any of your home projects! She is the best!
— Kristin H.