Organizing your home or space can be an overwhelming and daunting task. It takes time, focus, thought and careful execution to go from cluttered and chaotic to streamlined, stress-free and organized. When working with clients to completely transform their unorganized space(s), I utilize my 3-step system. 


Fee: $75/hour // HOUR QUANTITY DEPENDS ON WORK-SCOPE + size of space.


Step 1: Purge

This step is crucial in the organization process.  I work closely with my clients to help purge efficiently and precisely. All contents of the space are pulled out. We then review each item to determine whether or not that item serves value, function and/or happiness. If not or if it has not been recently used then we add it to whichever pile is most fitting for it - trash, donate or consign. We continue this until all items have been evaluated. What might sound time consuming and daunting is actually not. By completing the purging with my clients, I help them make decisions thoughtfully and timely. No more staring at your belongings knowing that you could point out several items that you'd like to get rid but "feel bad because it was a gift" or you "hope to fit back into one day" when it's been 5 years since you last wore it. 

I help clients stay on track and make a decision on the spot. If it's an item that you're emotionally tied to or you're struggling with what to do, I can help you work through those dilemmas to come up with a realistic solution. 

The first step is full of tough love but it's always amazing to see the looks on client's faces when they've realized how much they let go of  that does not serve value, function, use or happiness. 

During this step, I also gather information from you that suggests how you utilize your space. What systems work well for you and what don't. Organizing a space isn't just about eliminating clutter and creating any new system to store items. It's important for me to understand what my client's needs are so that I can create new systems that will be easy to transition into on a daily basis. Habits are hard to break so it's my goal to create new systems that won't feel uncomfortable or difficult to get used to and ultimately keep up with. 

Helpful Note: a walk-in wardrobe closet could need just 1-2 hours of purging when working with me. 

Step 2: Sort + Space Plan

Now that the purging is complete and I can see exactly what we're working with for the edited space, I no longer need to work with you. I get started sorting the contents to then figure out how those items are going to live back in the space. During this step I also figure out what new product will be necessary to store everything. 

For instance, if we're working on a closet then perhaps some new shelving is needed. Or if it's a kitchen, maybe some rearranging of where things go is needed as well as some cabinet and drawer organizers. 

I map out the new space plan, take measurements, make my shopping list for new product and am on my way!

Step 3: Shop + Implementation

I mostly shop for product at The Container Store as it is a one stop shop for all items organization. They have products that I know work well and I as well as many other industry professionals, stand behind. I opt for stores like Target and even online retailer, if The Container Store is not located near a client's home. 

Once I have all of the product, I head back to your home to implement everything. At that point your newly edited space is now clutter-free, well thought out, organized and ready to be used! 

Candace is one of a kind. She helped me tremendously, not only with organizing rooms and closets in my house but as well as bringing out the person I am today. I had 10 years worth of stuff that defined me back then - everything from clothes, jewelry, shoes and memorabilia that was taking over my personal space. Being a new working mom, I could not have accomplished something this intense.
I now feel amazing and in control of my space!
— Anna M. - Project: Closet Organization