online interior design

For both local and out of state clients, my Online Interior Design service is a great way to receive a full design plan on an affordable budget and within a quick turnaround. Local clients are welcome to start the process with my Online Interior Design Consultation but it is not required. The benefit for local clients who do want to begin with my Online Interior Design Consultation is that we meet at your home, I would take the measurements needed, we would get a jumpstart on identifying the direction of the space as well as discuss preliminary ideas, likes and dislikes. This is hugely helpful as it can eliminate some back and forth over email during the design phase. With that said, I always strive to gather as much as information from you with my survey as well as understand your style by reviewing the inspiration you've collected. 

online interior design Consultation: $149 fee // 1 hour duration


I offer 3 different Online Interior Design packages for spaces that are small, medium and largely sized. These packages are based on the numbers of new elements that are to be incorporated in the new design plan. You can view my the rates for each package here

Each package includes the following:

  1. Initial email consultation about the space (if you have decided against starting with my Online Interior Design Consultation). 
  2. Detailed design board featuring the recommended elements for the space. This will help you understand how the room looks as a whole and the placement of each element.
  3. Shopping list with product links to shop at your leisure. 
  4. Setup instructions that will help you place your furnishings in the correct spot - you will never hang a curtain rod at the wrong height again!  
  5. Follow up support once you've received the entire package from me. This is your opportunity to request any revisions, ask questions that you may need some clarity on, etc. 

the process and what to expect:


Initial Steps 

Step 1: Online Interior Design Consultation where we will review your Online Interior Design Survey answers, I will take measurements of the space and we will get a jump start on identifying the direction of the space as well as discuss any preliminary ideas, likes and dislikes. 

If you are not local and/or do not choose to begin with the Online Interior Design Consultation then the process would begin with taking my Online Interior Design Survey. I will review your responses and be in touch about next steps. 

Step 2: Select and purchase your Online Interior Design package. Payment must be received before design phase can begin. 

Step 3: Send photos of the room from all angles and a floor plan of the room to

The floor plan can be simple and hand-drawn (see example below), but please include dimensions of ceiling height, doorways (inclusive of trim), windows (inclusive of trim) and any important architectural elements.


Step 4: Send inspiration photos. Collect a maximum of 10 pictures of rooms that you feel show your style and/or elements that you would love to see in your new space. You can either create a Pinterest/Houzz board for them (please send the link/invitation to collaborate to or email them directly to me. This is a very important part of the process to make sure we're on the same page with the vision for the new design.


Design Phase aka the fun part

Once I have received and reviewed all of the information outlined above (survey answers, measurements, photos and inspiration), I can get to designing! I start with an initial mini-board that I send to you to ensure I'm heading in the right direction. This mini-board will not be as in-depth as the full design board and will not include all of the elements...this is just to show a glimpse for you to comment on via email. You can expect the mini-board within 7 days from the date I have all of the information I've outlined above. Please note that any time you send an email to me with a question or comment, you will receive a response within 24-hours (Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm EST).  

Once the mini-board is okay'd and all looks good there, I continue with creating the full design board. You will then receive the full Online Interior Design package which includes - the design board, shopping list and setup instructions. If you have requested a floor plan drawing, this will be included as well. Please note that once the mini-board is okay'd, the remainder of the process will require 7 days. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me at or contact me through the site here