power sessions

If you have a chaotic and cluttered space, a smaller budget and the bandwidth to complete some of the legwork then my power sessions are the perfect option for you. 


You inquire, we connect so that I can learn about your organization needs and then I'm able to provide you with what session would be most fitting for your needs. 

We then schedule our session. At the session you can expect to do a brief walkthrough of the space with me so that I can best understand how the space is utilized, how your organization dilemma(s) is negatively impacting your day-to-day and environment, and then I get to work coming up with solutions and systems for your unorganized space. I bring my supplies and laptop so that I can figure out exactly what type of new product or even furniture you need right then and there. Everything that we discussed and any product that we've found is saved in a Power Sessions document for you to keep. From there you can work at your own pace to shop and implement the new systems and product that I've mapped out. 


2-hour: $200

3-hour: $275

4-hour: $350

Worth every penny and saved me so much time! I utilized House of Paige’s organization power session and after 10 minutes of looking around and talking to me, Candace had a plan for my space and how to utilize every nook and cranny. She knew where to look online for items I needed and wanted. We placed orders for product and after 3 hours we had a clear plan put together that I can use as I continue my office transformation. Candace has a gift and is extremely efficient, organized and professional. I highly recommend her services.
— Kim F.