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virtual consulting packages

My virtual consulting packages are a great way to gain quick and effective decorating and organizing ideas from a professional. Sounds pretty cool, right? If you ever feel as though you just want some quick answers to your questions like, “how big should my dining room chandelier be?” or “what types of storage bins would work best for my pantry?”, then my virtual consulting calls are the perfect solution for YOU!

Here’s how they work -

  1. You fill out a short intake form describing details about your decorating or organizing dilemma. You also email me any inspiration like a Pinterest board, so that I can get an understanding of your style.

  2. I review the intake form and am in touch with you within 24 hours to schedule your virtual call.

  3. We have your virtual call using a video conferencing software called Zoom. During the call, you’ll walk me through your dilemma and I’ll lend me ideas and suggestions based on the space and your needs. The call can last up to 45-minutes.

  4. Following the call, you’ll receive the call notes which include all of the great ideas that I’ve suggested you do for your soon-to-be improved space! You also receive a shopping list which includes the new furnishings or organization products that I’ve selected for your space. You’re welcome to shop the items on the shopping list OR use those items as a guide for you to continue your search.

Important things to note -

  1. Your virtual consulting package covers one space/room in your home. If you have more than one space/room that you’d like to work on, you are more than welcome to purchase as many virtual consulting packages as you like!

  2. I will provide you with up to three new furnishings/organization product for your space/room. For example - if your decorating dilemma is within your dining room and you’re hoping to add a new light fixture, area rug, piece of art and table centerpiece, then I would ask that you select three of those four items to be included on your shopping list document.

  1. Example:

Your design dilemma: You’re looking for help figuring out what size and style your new dining room chandelier should be. You’re also interested in a new centerpiece for your dining table, but feel stumped on what to do!

Before the call: You fill out my short intake form, I review it and am in touch with you within 24 hours to schedule your virtual call. At this time I ask that you email me any inspiration photos or even share a Pinterest board so that I can see what your style is like.

During the call: You give me a virtual tour of your dining room and tell me about the space. You also share what your needs are in a new chandelier and any ideas that you’ve come up with thus far. I lend my ideas for what size the chandelier should be as well as some initial thoughts on style direction. We also talk about what you’re initial ideas are for a centerpiece for your dining table. I’ll ask you questions about your day-to-day life and who lives in your home. If you have kids and your dining room is the main place of eating in your home then I’ll want to be aware of that so that I can suggest a centerpiece idea that is realistic for your family.

Following the call: I take all of the information we talked about and spend some time (online) sourcing a chandelier and a centerpiece idea for you that you can purchase. I put those items into a shopping list for you to easily look up and shop yourself. I email you the shopping list as well as any notes which outline all of the great ideas we came up with for your space! You are then welcome to shop the items I sourced for you OR use those items as a guide for you to continue your search.

For instance - If the chandelier I sourced was 24” in diameter and had a matte black finish with exposed bulbs, but there was something about it that you weren’t in love with then I would still suggest you still use the chandelier specifications (size, style, finish color, etc.) that I sourced as a guide for you to find your perfect chandelier.


virtual decorating package: $149

virtual organization package: $99